Duke of York Square Reopening Plan

We look forward to welcoming our colleagues and customers back to the area. The latest government advice is that non-essential shops can reopen from 15 June 2020.

Our top priority is to provide a safe, secure and sustainable Duke of York Square reopening and recovery to reassure and restore confidence for those who live, work and visit Chelsea.

The necessary precautions and measures to ensure this happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible are detailed below.

Reopening Map

To enable a safe reopening in accordance with government guidance, we have designed a one way system at Duke of York Square; shown on the Reopening map with green arrows.

Visitors will enter from the main Square and will exit via the Arcade. There will be no access/exit to and from the shops through the A-B link, marked by the red line.

A-board signs (shown by red squares on the map) will be strategically placed at the entrances and exits to highlight the customer route.

To download a pdf of the map, click here

We are installing pavement vinyls to provide a uniform system for social distancing and safe queueing. 

The recommended queueing direction, as well as entrances and exits for individual shops, have been marked in purple on the Reopening map. We have altered entrances and exits for some shops where we believe this is necessary for customer and staff safety. If additional external queue management is required, we will be able to provide physical barriers to guide visitors.

Hand sanitiser stations will be installed throughout the Square; these have been marked as blue squares on the map. Seating areas around the Square will also be marked with social distancing vinyls.

Bike parking capacity will be increased for those wishing to avoid public transport. In addition to the existing bike racks (on the main Square by the King’s Road and behind the listed wall by the Saatchi Gallery), we will be installing extra temporary bike racks in the space between Partridges and Jigsaw. These can be used by both staff and customers.

Our Security Team will liaise closely with your in-store teams to ensure a smooth “handover” of safety measures for when customers step over the threshold of your store. Your team will be responsible for guiding your visitors. Please update us on queuing times and any problems incurred. It will be extremely important we work closely together to provide a safe shopping experience for all.

Reopening: Logistics, Health & Safety

Trading hours
We recommend opening at 11am and closing between 5-7pm in order to stagger travel to and from the store. We also recommend specific hours (and possibly a dedicated area) for returns and refunds.

For those who offer external seating spaces or al fresco dining, we ask that you give some thought to how you will implement social distancing measures in these areas. We will be contacting you separately to discuss arrangements further.

Delivery times have been altered during lockdown to the following: Monday-Saturday between 7-9am and Sundays and Bank Holidays between 9-10am. Upon reopening, we will return to the previous hours: Monday-Saturday between 7-10am and 7-8pm and Sunday and Bank Holidays between 9-10am.

For PPE worn as a precautionary measure (rather than interaction with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19), the used PPE can be disposed of as general waste. If COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed, the waste should be double bagged (normal black sack) and stored securely for 72 hours before being placed in a general waste container.

Ahead of reopening we ask that each store and restaurant reviews their own Health and Safety measures. This includes water systems (flushing taps and considering other water treatments as necessary) and fire safety.

If you have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 within your store or restaurant teams, please let us know so that we can consider additional fogging and spot cleaning across wider common areas.

Fire Evacuation
Government advice states that in an emergency, such as an accident or fire, people do not have to stay 2m apart if it would be unsafe. Those involved in the provision of assistance to others should pay particular attention to sanitation measures, such as hand washing, immediately afterwards.

Useful links:

Reopening Map

Latest government guidance for Shops and Restaurants

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding the Reopening Plan, please email agnes.damaszk@cadogan.co.uk

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DOYSQ Reopening Plan

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